Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time For A New Challenge

I've been fighting back with my challenges by adopting additional training challenge.

When I was diagnosed with type II diabetes I changed my diet, began a walking regime and took it upon myself to learn the form Tomari No Rohai, not to become a pretend expert but to challenge myself. I've also lost 80 pounds since then.

Then when surviving my cancer surgery and havingto undergo chemotherapy I took it upon myself to study the form Aragaki No Sochin. There were several versions on youtube and I just picked one and went for it, Mostly because I wanted to understand more about that manner of striking.

I didn't become a master of those systems but I gained in the process of learning and am still working at it.

Now I'm fighting Myasthenia Gravis and have so little left. So I need a new challenge.

I'm not putting my Isshinruy aside, but I have decedeed to return to an old friend, the form Tam Tuie.

I first studied the form from Ernest Rothrock in 1981 or 1982 but the  last 20 years let my practice lapse.
So time to saddle up and begin again. I look forward to his comments.

The following is what I'll be attempting.

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