Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Lesson with Tristan Sutrisno

I just learned an old friend and instructor, Tristan Sutrisno will be stopping by this evening.

I thought I'd share an early lesson I received from him in 1980, where one evening I was taught his first 12 basic Aikido drills. This exercise is found in his book "Becoming A Complete Martial Artist" and represents the beginning of Aikido Drill No. 5 (resembling the more commonly known Heaven and Earth Throw of Aikido). The ending is now shown because as the throw continues the defender drops to their right knee and locks the attacker to the floor completing the technique.

I've discovered my students do not like being on the receiving end of this.

The technique flow is from Aikido, but with a different dynamic is also the application of the first Siliat Tjimande drill I learned from him.

The movement flow is also found in Isshinryu Chinto and Kusanku Kata and forms useful application studies there too.

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