Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power of Aikido

In1960 Lancer Books published Thomas Makiyama’s book, “The Power of Aikido”.  Other books published by Lancer were ‘Combat Judo’ The Kashi-No-Bo (Stick Fighting) Technique’ and Super Karate Made Easy. Each of which was a paperback book. This was a time before there was much public awareness of Oriental Martial Arts.


Listing the Chapters shows the depth of this publication


          An introduction to Aikido

          A brief history of Aikido

          An Explanation of the word “Ki
          Aikido for Women

          1 Proper Posture and Stance for Aikido

          2 Special Aikido Forms Concerning Co-oridination and Balance Exercises

3 Special Aikido Forms Concerning Standing and Conditioning Exercises

4 Executing an Inverted “V” Wrist Elbow Lock Combination Throw

5 Methods for Defense against Blows from Overhands

6 Methods of Defense against an Opponent who holds one of his hands to grip or hold onto only one of your wrists

7 Methods of Defense against an Opponent who employs both hands to grab one of your wrists

8 Methods of Defense against an Opponent who holds you by gripping one lapel, or similar holds

9 Methods of Defense against an Opponent who grips your lapel with both hands or similar holds

10 Defense methods against punches to the body

11 Examples of Defense Methods against Various Tactics and Forms of Striking and Grasping

12 Methods and Examples of Defenses against an opponent who attacks with a club or knife


This has to be one of the earliest works in America describing Aikido. It is a good book, even more surprising for the time in which it was published.


Thomas H. Makiyama (1928–2005), born in Hawaii, was an aikido teacher and founder of Keijutsukai Aikido and the Keijutsukai International Federation (Keijutsukai Kokusai Renmei), based in Tokyo. The organization teaches Keijutsukai Aikido and Keijutsu (a specialized method of defensive tactics for law enforcement personnel).

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