Friday, January 13, 2017

For those times when you do not have time to fool around

There are times when you don't have time to fool around.
Of course there are many answers.
Here are two of my favorite ones.
Both from the time of my studies with Tristan Sutrisno.
The first one shows a method of parrying and striking with the same movement.

The second one is one of the first things I learned from him.
It is a great tool.
Tjimandie Basic Drill No. 1
I was looking at several variations of ShihoNage today (a projection from Aikido) and I discovered this entry for the drill.
It perfectly illustrates Tjimande Basic Drill No. 1 applied.
Which sort of confirms that there was great similarity between the Aikido techniques and the Tjimande techniques
which involved those which I was shown.
(I am neither an expert of Aikido of Tjimande)
These movements together utilize not a strike or a kick, rather than percussive force,
They utilize a shearing plane of force coming from the core
As the tool to end the attack, Inside, outside, inside again the series goes.

Of course with our version you continue rotating counter-clockwise with the initial movement (turning the strike into a throw). So the manner of stepping and turning is slightly different. The same opening is also the entry for Tjimande basic movement No 4 all versions.
Not more effective, just different.
You can swipe their face to stagger them, you can strike their face to destroy them, or you can move beyond their face and down them with the manner which you enter their arm.
And for optimal performance, the exercise is performed during a single inhalation. This draws your center into their center, allowing you to take their center over.

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