Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A personal challenge for my birthday

I was viewing several videos and came across this one of Oscar Higa.  
With no other designation, so I began searching video and found this designation. Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Hanshi Oscar Masato Higa Kata 'Higa No Kushanku'
In particular I enjoyed this sequence. Thinking it was worth further study,

A personal challenge for the day.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Kyan Chotoku and breaking free from a kick grab.

I was reading the article Karate Training& What to Know About Fighting by Kyan Chotoku  and what he had to say about karate applications seemed interesting.  Just look at this passage.
"Even if the opponent seizes your foot or leg, you can take advantage of it by quickly stepping down and into him, reducing the risk of injury."

For this suggestion I bring personal memories to mind.

The first one I worked out was is anticipating someone was preparing to grab my kick, by forcefully placing the foot down, not continuing in the kicking motion, can become a forceful step forward to accompany a strike at the same time, which is also a force enhancer.
Another example came from my time training with Tristan Sutrisno. He once showed me an Indoneasian answer to someone grabbing your foot, There upon forcefully stepping down through that grab, through that motion with the foot movement. Which draws them closer at the same time as they try to continue their attempted hold. Which of course makes it easier to counter-attack their grabbing motion.

Both are well within Isshinryu parameters. Of course the speed at which Shimabuku Sensei delivered his kicks, really did not allow anyone to grab them either.

I know because when I tried to ‘grab’ those kicks with screen capture, I could not do so, only getting the retraction of the foot.

That is likely the real Shimabuku Tatsuo lesson.

This the best I could do with my screen captures. I believe this motion might be used in a similar fashion to break free of a grab.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Use of the leg to block kicks

I found this video of Asai Sensei
showing a variety of ways to block, a front kick.

For the first one he just kicked into the leg. with his left leg.

For the second one he cut to the inside with his left leg,
using kicking technique similar to one from Naifanchi kata.

For the third one he cut to the outside with his right foot,
straight into their groin.

For the forth one, using his left foot.
he jumps past the kick with a similar kick as from Chinto kata.

Altogether an interesting demonstration
of lower body kick blocking.