Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ryote Dori Kokyu Nage

Everyday becomes an adventure. I just ran across something new for me. An Aikido technique known as Ryote Dori Kokyu Nage




When I took the time to make screen captures of the movement of this technique, it impressed me even more.

The manner in which the hands rise and intercept the attackers lunge is a movement I have done in many ways.

It is contained with the Eagle Claw Chi Kung drill I do throughout my day to keep my shoulders from stiffening. It is contained  in the opening to my Yang Tai Chi form, which I also practice daily.

Then again it is one potential for the opening of my Kukanku kata.


The hands rise, and doing so intercept the attack,

They then continue to rise drawing the attacker in closer,

That motion continues and begins to turn,

You take over the attackers center of gravity with your own center,

Your rotation continues and your opponent follows,

The opponent is spun from your center with one land leading their motion, the other hand driving their fall,

The opponent spins away.

Variations abound, but the same rules apply.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Victor Smith with the assistance of Mike Cassidy
This is our Aikido Drill No. 7, and after 15 years I figured out it can also be for the X block in Chinto.

Premise: Would we have been better off if Karate was not a toy for Hollywood to use.

Premise: Would we have been better off if Karate was not a toy for Hollywood to use.
Of course back in the day, new movies did drive people to the  training halls, in the 1970s. But when you consider how movie karate has nothing to do with karate study on the whole, did Hollywood getting the idea karate could be used in their movies and shows,  actually hurt the study, by giving a long term unrealistic public perception of what karate is.
Look, when I was a kid Cowboys and John Wayne did pretty well in fights without karate. In fact it was the bad guys who most often stuck in a kick to try and win. The movies since then could have stayed with the old style fighting and still been viewable.
I remember Lee Marvin going off on someone just using free style crazy and it looked fine,
Setting expectations that karate was something it was not meant to be, a tool for the hero, rather than a lifetime of training. Just made things more difficult IMVHO for all of us.

And I have a hard time of thinking of any movie but the Karate Kid 1 and 2, that ever got close to what karate should be.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It is the small things that count most

On youtube you can watch Hiagonna Morio work his techniques.But unless you watch very closely you may not see the fine details which are used as subtle force enhancers to really make them work.
In this technique he steps on the attackers foot. holding to the floor and making his subsequent lock and strike more effective as he cannot get away.