Thursday, December 22, 2016

Traditional Sport of Tottori Prefecture of Japan, "Crab Fist"

Everyday we see something new. This time the
traditional sport of Tottori Prefecture, 'Crab-Fist'
Apparently they are trying to capture their opponents fist between their slapping hands.

And gymnastics is part of their technique
I do not see this as a martial art so much as a local activity.

Apparently there is more to this story. I just saw this.


Mike Foki Hanshi! Here is the official website for Tottori prefecture famous for its crabs. At the bottom of the description for the video showing "crab fist" that u posted it says this is Japanese この動画はフィクションです。現実と間違えないようご注意ください translation is basically that this video is fictional so don't be fooled into thinking it's real. Apparently this is some gag video made by a local TV news show to promote crabs and the prefecture. The kids are all HS students don't worry the BS in Japan is at a minimum as far as I could tell hahahah.....


And more incredible that they would go to such lengths.


Then look at the old Chinese Movie “Heroes of the East”



There is one born every minute, and I am he.


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