Sunday, August 31, 2014

Steve Fisher and the Moon Kata

I recall back in the 70's Steve Fisher was a nationally known kata competitor in Shorin-Ryu. I was always unhappy that I never saw his kata performance. (He was more West Coast and I was East Coast). This is a form he created for Karate Illustrated to present. It is based on Kusanku Kata. Not his completion forms nor his system kata, but I found this interesting.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Goju Seiunchin Kata by Chuck Merriman

for Ron Martin

Rohan Ni Dan by Kokata Sensei

Oyata the old way A saved article

My files are full of things I saved, used to have thousands of magazines, but finally threw them away for the most part, over a decade ago, of course I did save what was relevant to me. Here is one of them.

And of course this supporting video.

  I did learn how to do this, as a variation of one of the basic drills taught by Harrill Sensei.
I even have video record of the realization of that moment that this possibility struck me. Then I discussed with Harrill Sensei and he confirmed this and showed me a solid variation.

The potential is realized at times, enjoy the link.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jion Kata - Tadashi Yamashita

Jiin Kata - Fumio Demura

I saved this from a magazine published in the early 70s. In this article Fumio Demura demonstrates Jiiin Kata. As I do not do this kata, I have been told that there is a technique inversion on a series of movements, a old technique for public performances. While it does not detract from the performance it did enable them to distinguish those who used this as a template for their own study of the form,

This is a solid article, I am glad I can share it.