Sunday, August 17, 2014

Special Techiniques of Ryukyu Bojutsu by KATSUMI MURAKAMI

Title Special Techniques of Ryukyu Bojutsu
Author Katsumi Murakami
He is an expert on Shorin-ryu(7th dan) and Toon-ryu.He has published another Martial Arts book,entitled "Karatedo and Ryukyu Kobudo"

In the preface to this book,Katsumi Murakami says,"This is an sequel edition to my previous book,'Introduction to Bojutsu'The previous book was for beginners focusing on the basics.This is a commentary on Bojutsu deals with advanced techniques

One of the best books I have on bo technique.

While Bo kata isn't covered in this book here is Murakami Katsumi Sensei
                               performing- Sueyoshi no Kon Dai

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