Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An ending, a beginning, everything changes.

In several days I will be moving to Buckeye, Arizona. New home, new life options. For a brief while the blog will be dormant, but like the Phoenix (pun intended) I shall arise again. Allow me to offer a transient thought.


There is much thought put into the arts being classified, Internal or Externa. Or whether they are Hard or Soft.


Having practiced Karate and Yang Tai Chi for many years, I would like to offer an observation.


I don’t see internal or external, just a totality most do not attempt to find.   Neither Hard or Soft, totality. The internal should drive the external without distinction to distract our action.


Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Moving, Disability and Right-Sizing my Kobudo Practice

The pod with our belongings moves out today. We will be following in a week. It will have to be a quick trip, 4 of 4 ½ days at most, covering several thousand miles over the trip.


That and accepting the disabilities I am dealing with makes decisions necessary.


1. Most of the Kobudo I have studied and practice is beyond my capabilities.
2. I will no longer be instructing others.

3, There are limits to the amount of things I can drag along with me.

4. The majority of my personal kobudo gear had been bequeathed to Mike Cassidy to use with the program as he sees fit.  Other students have been given other of my weapons. Hardest to put down were my bo’s and sai. Sai being where my studies began with Charles Murray.

5. I have retained a few things.

          a. My knife collection goes with me. This also includes my hand made Tecchu/Teko group. A single Tecchu/Teko will travel with me as well as several small pocket knives.

          b. My Tai Chi straight sword goes with me. Perhaps the most difficult practice, with the many turns involved, but still I try.


          c. The Mangi Sai Charles brought back from Okinawa is with me.

          d. The patterned rattan staff Cindy Robinson brought me from Seattle.

          e. A single wooden kama, created by a friend.


The Sai to hang on the wall, my strength precludes any sai practice. The other weapons to use as I am able.


My studies continue as will whatever practice I can do. An example is I can see how to modify the kama practice I created to a single kama and stick form.  Something new.  Various knife drills and several kata done with tecchu/teko.



Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aikido's Arm Lock

Journal of the Asian Martial Arts 1999

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Once upon a time.

Back in the 1980s I studied many things
One of which was Nunchaku
However in time I put it aside,
Was not part of my Isshinryu.
And on the whole I did not care for the exercise.

Bunnies Don't Do Karate

Friday, June 16, 2017

When you only have one hand free

A favorite technique using only one arm for its execution.
I am being assisted by the late John Dinger.