Friday, December 9, 2016

From Chinto to Aiki Jujutsu

So I was taking a break about uses for the Chinto X block and decided to randomly look at a use of Atemi (shocking striking) in Aikijutsu and guess what showed up?

All of the basic movements being used are also in my Indonesian and aikido studies. Interesting find.
** No doubt I am focused on motion potential, in Isshinryu and anywhere.
I was shown the movements from basic tjimande training 35 years ago, and have practiced them and shared them with my advanced students for years. And some of the applications for those movements are similar to this. (also similar to aikido, natch). But the one fatal flaw I have, is too often having an answer, and a good answer, I have stopped because I had that answer, as much in my Isshinryu and my other studies. Often it took decades to shake other possibilities loose.
This is one such example, The more dynamic employment of those moves is yet another such example. Day by day, I seek to learn a little more. Some day I may succeed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quicker than the eye can see

A kick is just a kick, we all know that.

I was watching the older video of Hiagonna Morio performing the Goju Sesan kata, and then the video of Sesan Kata bunkai.

Toward the end of the form he performs a front kick.


Now we all know the front kick, have done a million of them. Nothing different there. Then watching the Sesan Bunkai video  what happened caught my eye.



What I saw was some subtlety with the kick. To me it seemed that after the front kick penetration the kick turned into a heel thrust and stomp in a downward direction.

There was something unusual going on with that front kick.  Watching how it was applied made that even more apparent.

 Then looking at the bunkai for the movement, I became more sure of it.



So there is some subtlety there. Okinawan arts hiding something in plain sight, Something too fast for most to register.


It makes more sense to me, in the transmission of my Isshinryu a kick in SunNuSu (Sunsu) kata is very similar. Of course there are many transmissions in Isshinryu, I cannot speak for them and the way they do that kick.


There are more things in All Okinawan Karate than there are stars in the sky.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On Motobu contributions to Sunsu kata

Another if  Shimabuku Tatsuo’s instructors was Motobu Choki.

When he created his Sunsu (SunNuSu) kata, he also paid tribute to this technique of Motobu.

Which was not from the Motobu Naifanchi Kata.

Specifically he shared these photos.

This is how the technique looked in the finished  Sunsu kata

Here is Uzeu Angi showing an explanation for the movement.

And the following is yet another possibility.
Among the blog posts about Motobu Choki are the following which eveal more about his teachings.