Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some of the original teachings of Funakoshi Ginchin

Contrary to many modern opinions there is a great deal we can learn from the art Funakoshi Ginchin took to Japan.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

This is the way for men who want to learn my strategy - By Miyamoto Musashi

From the Book of Five Rings
          By Miyamoto Musashi
This is the way for men who want to learn my strategy:
1. Do not think dishonestly.
2. The Way is in training.
3. Become acquainted with every art.
4. Know the Ways of all professions.
5. Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
6. Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything.
7. Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
8. Pay attention even to trifles.
9. Do nothing which is of no use.

Taikai Ken

Taikai Ken. a Japanese system based on Chinese Hsing Yi presents a very different martial art from what most recognize. A book on this art was published by Kenichi Sawai.
Here are a few photos from that book.\

Photos tell only part of the story so here are some YouTube videos.
The Parry
A very different martial vision from what most find. I see some similarity to our Tjimande basics.

Warrior Zen by Trevor Leggett

From Warrior Zen by Trevor Leggett
Hokusai: The  war-god Marishi (from India) using bow, spear, sword and fan with his various arms without confusion, while balancing on the back of his 'vehicle',  a wild boar. This is to illustrate  ki filling the  whole body and each single function  without being concentrated to the detriment of the others. (Hokusai  Manga volume 6, image of Marishi Japanese  Illustrated  Book 216/
1942.9-19.03, Vol6 ©Copyright The  British Museum)