Saturday, April 1, 2017

You have Eyes, but can you See?

I wonder how many people have  viewed this

and having eyed do not see.


This video of Seikicki Uehara demonstrating Motoburyu Torite seems an interesting view of this art.




From Bing Translate I believe this is the most pertinate information on this video.


Motoburyu Motobu Udundi Torite Tuiti Mai no te Ryukyu Kobudo Choyu Seikichi Uehara Choki Genjyuro Takano Moritoshi


Uehara Sensei is not just an old man performing techniques in slow motion. Of course he is an older man here, but so am I.


What he is showing are techniques that do not require ultimate power to mow someone down. They just have to be softly inserted into an attack. Quite a different sort of demonstration from what you normally expect to see from Okinawan Arts.


Here I have saved several screen prints of what he is showing.










Observe and Learn
There are many ways to make something happen

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Victor Smith said...

One result of my study of Yang Long Fist Tai Chi Chaun is that I came to appreciate softness even more.
Then as the years passed I came to realize that one of the advanced uses of karate is not to use greater force, Rather a minimalist approach was called for. To use the least amount of force needed to get the job done.

The techniques Seikicki Uehara is using are not special. I believe most of us understand them. Rather it is the way they are inserted into an attack, the the way they become force multipliers when used together mean the least possible amount of force seems more than enough.

Which interestingly ties into this article.

Something to consider.