Monday, April 24, 2017

Free thinking

So other night I was thinking about a sudden attack, someone rushing in with a left strike followed by a right strike, considering what I could do in my current disabled state. My karate still works abet differently.

So I started thinking of things I might do. When Chinto’s opening came to mind. It occurred to me to shift my center to the left and form the rising ‘X’ block to the left interior of the strike. But I would use the ‘>’ of the ‘X’ for the block. The use of all the sides of the ‘X’ block something I had explored long ago.


Thus blocking with the ‘>’ of that block, to the inside of that strike. Then separating my hands, turning the left hand over to make a pressure block with the left palm and move the strike away from me. At the same time the right hand would begin the separation from the block of Chinto kata, and together with the movement of the left hand, the right would strike down to the top of the opponents head, or smash a palm into their eye socket or strike into the carotid sinus at the side of their neck with a shuto. Simply the easiest target of opportunity.
I liked this solution. The synergy of both hands separating resulting in another force enhancer making the stroke to the head/neck more powerful. Allowing follow-up as needed.
Another thought came to me. As the ‘X’ separates the two hands, the left hand could strike into the armpit with a fingertip strike as the right shears down to strike into their face/neck. Another potential force enhancer, the use of a strike into their chest to accompany the head/ncek strike.
Nor did I stop there. What next came to mind was a similar way to use Sanchin.

Against the same right strike, also use the interior line of defense and raise both hands as to make an ‘X’ block with the forearms formed as in Sanchin kata’s first movements. Time that to intercept their strike with the ‘>’ of the ‘X’ as you rotate to the left. Then continue to separate both arms, the left arm pressing outward against the strike, and the right forearm striking into the face of the attacker in a descending strike.

 All you have done is form the opening of Sanchin kata, deflected their strike and struck into their face with the shearing plane of your right arm. Again the synergy of both arms synchronized becomes the force enhancer to make everything more powerful.

The formation of the ‘X’ is a momentary movement in the opening of the kata.
One is not better that the other, they are just options of choice from your kata.
It then occurred to me they were similar ways to use the movement from Yang Tai Chaun known as Play the Lute.

Which took me to Wansu kata. The section after the right front kick where you assume a kamae with both hands.
In fact that is also where the opponent leads with a left strike and your right hand intercepts it as it parries the strike down and off center, while the left hand strikes out into the face/neck with a left shuto strike. Simply the reverse application from the Chinto one.

The same applies to the same movement in Sunsu kata.

Of course the opening on Sunsu kata used the same potential as the opening of Sanchin kata, previously discussed.

And regardless of attack, the technique works on the interior line of defense and the exterior line of defense with almost no alteration to the technique.

So I found an interesting relationship between Chinto kata, Sanchin kata, Tai Chi Chaun and even Wansu kata.

As I was originally not taught much for specific kata applications for any Isshinryu kata, and originally not even for tai chi as I just studied it as a form at that time, I do not have any specific rules that bind me.





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