Saturday, April 29, 2017

Staying Power

 When I was young, a long time ago.


When Mario McKenna suggested I start my blog as a reference for my students, I was not sure what it would become.


I had accumulated a great many training experiences with many instructors and had incorporated many of them into our training.


But as we are an Isshinryu program, first and foremost, there were many studies that never fit the time we had available.


Then there were many personal experiences I wanted available for their future reference.


And I had accumulated much knowledge  about a great many other things, that might have some future value for them. So I began accumulating all of them here. And over time it has grown a bit.


No specific order, just what strikes me at the moment.


As the blog automatically tracks the number of people who view it, I started to notice there were more and more following it, individuals from all over the world.


Much if it frankly makes no sense unless you have trained with me. I did not figure out I was giving any secrets away. If anyone takes the time to actually work out what we are doing, they deserve access to the material. For all the rest, frankly they probably will not take the effort to understand it.


So I did not restrict viewership, believing on sharing what I have seen


Apparetly others have been interested in viewing my thoughts. To date the viewership has reached 300,290.


That is something I never counted on. But almost never do any of them ever ask any questions, perhaps……….


So I move forward, every day. I am now much disabled, trying to preserve as much of what I have seen as possible.


And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.


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Gary Gabelhouse said...

I have been reading your stuff for decades. I am GOJU, but find much common interest with your topics. Keep at it, Victor! You do much good!