Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thinking outside of the box

One of the things that attracts me to kata application principle is when new application potential arise when you think outside of the box.


I realize many people visit my words, but the parts of the blog which I consider most important are the descriptions of techniques from our actual training. Most people will never take the time to work them. That is real work. Especially as over 290,000 visitors have shown not one request for clarification.


It really is something those why have had actual training, can use this to jog your memory as you have done these applications.


Remember when I showed the destructive potential for the inside of the horizontal Elbow strike from Wansu kata.


Let me use a portion of the Wansu Kata as performed by Andy Sloane, because of the clarity of the technique.



The standard way of looking at the technique is as an elbow smash to the face or chest of the opponent, But when you consider what the inside of the elbow technique can do something else emerges.


I wrote about this quite a while ago.


These days I spend more of my time thinking so.


Not bound to standard Isshinryu applications, because in my day we did not study them.


I intend to share some other thoughts soon.

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