Thursday, December 1, 2016


I am not sure if it signifies anything. With the onset of my disability I lost a great deal of potential. But I have kept practicing my Tai Chi and Karate kata as much as possible. Among the drills is an Faat Tzi Ying Jow Chi Kung practice I also had learned.


I am nothing to talk about. And, my disabilities still leave me very destabilized, so when I go out for walks I use a walker.


But last week there was a small difference. One of my private studies is the Tomari Rohai form. I really could not perform the opening 3 ippon ken strikes as forming the hand positions just did not work. What I did when practicing the form, was return to the ippon ken strike from the form. Where the hand moves from a fingertip strike into an IpponKen strike.


Well now I can. And in turn my Sanchin kata is also a little more stable, the strikes hit a bit harder.


In the whole scheme of things, very minute change, but it is change.


So 4 or 5 times a week I still continue to go outside and walk.

Daily I work a bit on part of my Yang Tai Chi Chaun form. And I run several kata, changing which ones each day. Favorite are Sanchin, Seiunchin and the Tomari Rohai. But all are in play from time to time.


I just continue, I be, and I am.

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