Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On the Miyagi influence of Shimabuku Tatsuo Sunsu kata.

When he created his Sunsu (SunNuSu) kata, Shimabuku Tatsuo incorporated ideas he had been taught by his instructors as well as his own thoughts.


One of his instructors was Miyagi Chojun of Goju Ryu.


The Miyagi version of Sanchin kata, which was also taught in Isshinryu became an opening influence for Tatsuo’s kata.


Of course it was not exactly the same, but the influence is there still the same.


Here is Shimabuku Tatsuo performing the opening section.


To look at the Goju influence lets look at the Miyagi Sanchin as performed by Hiabonna Morio.
Seeing makes the contributions more understandable.

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