Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Passai kata of Chotoku Kyan ncorporated into Sunsu kata

Kata Sunsu (SunNuSu) was the creation of Shimabuku Tatsuo.


When he created the kata, he used a variety of sources, namely his instructors.

From Kyan Shorin Passai, Gojushiho and Kusanku

I would like to look at the contributions from Kyan Chotoku, namely his Passai kata.


Here is of Shimabuku Sensei performing his Sunsu kata.

Then to see the Kyan Passai contribution I am going to look at the

Shorinji-ryu of Nakazato Joen. Tatsuo was a senior under Kyan when Joen was a junior.


This is one of his students performing the Kyan Passai kata at the section Shimabuku Sensei used a version of the kata.


You can see for yourself, what the original kata fit into the Sunsu he developed. The similarity and of course the differences.



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