Thursday, December 22, 2016

A trip through time with Young Lee and Chinto Kata

A point about kata, is it takes a long time to really get it.
I want to share an example of what I mean.
This is Young Lee, one of my senior students.
The Chinto he is doing, is how I teach the form.
First I am going to show a video of him from 1990 doing the form, at this time he was a Sho-dan and this is the average level of performance we strive for.
Now fast forward 26 years and look at what he is doing today.
You see the difference, through years of work, he is showing how he is concentrating his energy into his center with each movement, and then exploding the movement from that gathered center of energy.
And I am sure he would agree, there is more work to do.

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