Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Itosu Eight Point Kicking Drill

It is frequently difficult to translate something written into action. This is an example of my development of a successful kicking drill.

I remember reading John Sells’ original version of ‘Unante’. He described a kicking drill on page 50:

“Itosu did not personally favor high kicking or techniques, he is known for a
unique exercise called the “8-point kick”. This is called for the trainee to practice
kicking at targets representing the floating ribs, solar plexus, junction of the legs
and torso, groin and inner thighs in rapid succession.”

Finding that interesting, that evening I started to set up a kicking drill following those sequences. Here is what I tried.

Beginning facing a partner, both in natural parallel stance with both arms upraised, allowing free access to the target.

1. Right squat kick to the opponent left floating ribs.
2. Left squat kick to the opponent right floating ribs.
3. Right front kick to the opponent solar plexus.
4. Left front kick into the opponent left hip.
5. Right front kick into the opponent right hip.
6. Left scoop kick (with the top of the foot) to the opponent groin.
7. Right front kick into the opponent left thigh.
8. Left front kick into the opponent right thigh.

It can be done by one person against a static partner, or it can be done by two partners who alternate kicks. i.e.:

Partner 1. Right squat kick to the opponents left floating ribs.
Partner 2. Right squat kick to the opponents left floating ribs.
Partner 1 Left squat kick to the opponents right floating ribs.
Partner 2 Left squat kick to the opponents right floating ribs.

Continue with the rest of the drill.

This drill promotes inside line kicking techniques

1. ‘Unante’ by John Sells – published by W.M. Hawley 1995
2. Squat Kick – An Isshinryu kicking technique with the ball of the foot, about ½ front kick and ½ roundhouse kick. The support leg flexes (into a squat) first. It really is a front kick delivered from the floor at a 45 degree angle.
3. Scoop Kick – A rising front kick to the groin delivered with the top of the foot.


Malcolm Hewitson said...

An interesting drill, not sure about the left/right issue. If I kick with my left leg to a partner stood directly in front of me I would assume I would be kicking his right side. Is this correct or have I missed something?

Malcolm Hewitson said...

Is the left right correct? If I kick someone with my left leg I should be kicking their right side.

Victor Smith said...

While you can start with either side, when you start with the left leg, you are kicking to their right side from your perspective, or across their body.

Victor Smith said...

As for the Itosu drill, I never did film it, just do it. I consider it a drill for kicking with no stepping chamber. Just flex the supporting leg and kick from a natural stance. For example if they were roundhouse kicking, kick into the hip. Or a cross front kick into their supporting leg, or perhaps their lead leg, or smashing a 45 degree kick off the floor into their ribs. Developing the ability to kick from natural stance. But it made me think about realistic kicking in a new way. And good for partners back and forth. Hope this helps