Sunday, February 20, 2011


My friends go to Okinawa for instruction and inspiration. I just pay attention to what’s happening around me.

This Friday we had a large wind storm and the power was knocked out at home for 11 hours. Then Saturday afternoon was sunny but windy and cold. I was outside on my driveway running my Yang sword form when performing a transitional move with a high stepping circular strike on one leg a sudden violent gust of wind caused me to loose my balance and begin to fall.

Then looking up at a line of tall pine trees at the back of my property I saw how much the tops were moving in much more moving wind at their height. A clear example of what you can’t see can affect you.

Funny thing is, that made me remember earlier in the morning stopping to pick up some strawberries at the store a strong wind crossed the parking area and met a void in the air. I could watch the air circle on itself and form a small whirlwind on the spot.

Which brings me to this post.

A while ago I did some personal study on the Tai Chi Chaun 88 two person San Shou form described by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. Near the beginning there is an interesting section where the defender simply fades away from an attack drawing their attacker further forward. Such movement fit the ghost techniques I’ve described earlier. In this case simply moving away from the attack.

Frankly if I was in that situation I think I would respond as the wind, hitting a hole in the air circled around and fed on itself to create the whirlwind.

So if their foot steps into the space I’ve vacated, I’d rotate on the foot that stepped back and use the other foot to spin behind their foot and scoop kick in the direction they’re moving, the instep of my sweeping foot hooking behind their ankle and them sweeping it forward. That spinning movement sending them into a split or worse as their front leg is propelled dynamically into the air, removing their base until gravity takes over.

I do much study into how turning movements in kata are weapons themselves, where your body is inserted into an attacking body with a turning movement. I’ve not restricted myself to just kata turns either.

Create a void and use the whirling wind that follows.

Still cold and waiting more snow tomorrow in New Hampsire.

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