Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting for Irene and not humming Good Night Irene

Well Irene's coming and even in this mornings modest winds I heard tree limbs splitting outside. NH is filled with trees so when the full force hits should be a mess.

I expect the power to be lost, but have an adequate supply of batteries for the radio and lots to read.

I'm going to be starting a new series of articles for the blog on the theory behind bunkai and kata application to try and make some sense of something that really is undefinable, with everyone doing something else than each other. I won't focus on the bad or the ugly, life is too short for that, but if any of you have suggestions or questions, leave a comment for me here.

If the power or internet go out I'll eventually get it back and would be pleased to take your coments into consideration.


Anonymous said...

Every one I have witnessed from Gloria to Irene, is always grossly exaggerated here in the state of New Hampshire. When we all know they die out long before they hit us. Hope You stocked up on supplies for the big bad hurricane.

Victor Smith said...

It's all a question of scale. We did get tree damage and lost power for 10 hours, so on the whole not to bad, but. In 1938 a force 5 hurricane struck through here, just a question of when and which one. Being prepared and safe and not needing it is better than getting slammed IMVHO.