Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Friday Visit in October

It was a dark and rainy night when I drove down to meet Jim Brumbaugh and Romney Taylor south of Derry to direct them to my house. They had spent the day driving from Ohio and Buffalo, New York. respectively, to meet me and then attend a clinic with Liu Chang'I to study Feeding Crane. The clinic to be hosted by another friend, Fred Lohse on Saturday and Sunday in Watertown, Massachusetts.

We have been friends for a long time on the internet but this was the first time I met Jim and Romney.


It was a very good time. I answered Jim's questions about the use of the knee release and body alignment principles in application study. Romney enjoyed watching my instructors movies of training in Agena Okinawa, as much seeing the Motobu dojo performing Naifanchi kata in the Isshinryu mode (stepping first to the left) as well as in their standard mode (stepping first to the right). From there we discussed man diverse martial issues.

Before they left for the clinic Saturday Morning as it was October I gave them a brief instruction in one Ghost Technique, so they'd have something for Halloween.
Liu Chang'I

I also visited the clinic for a bit to see Fred and watch Liu Chang'I and his Feeding Crane power development techniques. The clinic was very well attended and I met another internet friend for the first time, Narda Wakoluk, too. The techniques demonstrated by Lui Chang'I were awsome too.

Unfortunately I could not stay long but I know I gained by the chance to place faces to the names.

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