Saturday, November 5, 2011

20,000 Friends

When I listened to the advice of Mario McKenna and began my blog my only intention was to create a repository for my students of my personal history and notes on my ongoing studies into Isshinryu and my other martial interests. I'm not looking for students, I don't offer clinics or join organizations. The purpose of Isshin - Concentration the Art is just that a repository of my studies for my students.

On the other hand I have never been adverse to sharing this material with anyone and that is why the blog is open.

Along the way Blogger updated to the point it keeps statistics on viewership and I discovered how many individuals have found my studies and thoughts of interest. Then today I noticed I just hit 20,000 views so I guess I need to have a Texas Ranger look into this, hence why Walker is on the opening photograph.

I've been fortunate in my friends more than anything. The very gifted instructor's who've shared with me have made a great deal of my research pay off because I've discovered the older writings actually describe studies I've been working at for decades.

Recently I've had a friend comment he often has to print out my posts to read and think about them because I have so much material in them. Well that works two ways, many times they're the results of weeks or months of research and study. But I have found such value in my studies I don't want my students to miss what I see and share.

Another friend commented that there is a contingent that thinks I'm being creative (i.e. lying) such as the story about Sutrisno Sensei standing on my shoulders before I finished attacking him. Personally I could care less what other think. Sutrisno Sensei's students were as amazed as I was when it occurred. The truth is I've never done anything but accurately report on all of my internet postings. My senior students have trained with all of my instructors and have seen enough to know how accurate my descriptions are.

Blogger like me and keeps trying to have me money-tize my blog, but as nice as money is, that is not what it's for so no advertising.

Well enough of me getting on my soapbox. I only hope those visitors have found something that drives their imagination to sweat harder and that I can leave a legacy of my studies for my own students.

And if you see that Ranger checking around, play nice for remember, 'One Riot, One Ranger'!

Thanks for the interest.

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