Friday, December 2, 2011

Quiet Time

It's interesting keeping a blog on my martial studies.

At times articles of interest just bubble up.

At other times training, thought and work take precedence and quiet prevails.

Research is not a straight line topic as in just read a book and you know what is next. Instead you have to read and live what you read, try and practice too.

Right now I'm brimming over with thoughts on Nakasone's "Karate-do Taikan', how much of it already exists in my subsidiary studies to my Isshinryu program because of facets of their arts as shared with me by Ernest Rothrock and Tristan Sutsisno, and the relationship between Mabuni Kenwa's "Aragaki No Sochin" from the Nakasone text to the "Aragaki No Sochin" of Aragaki Isumu and the description of the use of Karate Kata technique by Shiroma Shimpan from the Nakasone text.

I've started the slow process of adopting Mario McKenna's translation of Nakasone's text or "An Overview of Karate-do", for our instructor development program, in that we're doing many of the training practices Nakasone shared might as well tie them back to the 1938 descriptions too.

In a bit I'll follow with my Sochin to Shrioma Shimpan analysis.

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Mario McKenna said...

Sounds like an in-depth and long term project. I admire your dedication.