Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Saturday Morning in New Hampshire Outside

Saturday morning, a very special time to me. No students so I don’t have to teach, I moved the Sat. class to Thursdays, so all I have to do is think about myself.

Today a real lack or balance, so the most difficult practices first.

Open with Isshinaru Sunsu Kata. For Isshiryu the most important practice allowing us to share Shimabuku Tatsuo’s thoughts. Then to Bando staff, the Horseman’s Form, a challenge with its turns. I’ve been doing it with a 7 foot bamboo pole cut from a stand of bamboo in my father’s yard. I need the lighter weight and the increases length is a challenge from a bo. Next the Bando Stick form. The Hidden Stick. Again a challenge with its tuns. Then the middle Isshinryu Naifanchi kata and Isshinryu Wansu kata. Sent time working the different variations. Then Isshinryu Seiasn kata. Finally Tomari No Rohai kata and Arakaki No Sochin kata and close with Isshiryu Sanchin kata.

A varied workout this morning.

Finally in the cool crisp fall air donned my gloves and went for a 4 mile walk. The leaves are falling (and I’m starting to rake, abet poorly. I really went for a long one for me this time.

The walk is good for my diabetes weight control (I’m now at 215 lighter than most of you have ever seen me) and good for my heart. Gives one time to absorb nature’s changes and think.

I sent the time after a while thinking on my favorite kata. In Isshinryu I no longer have a favorite as I have begun to understand all of their potential. I have favorite techniques but that’s another day. In addition to my Isshinryu I have my favorites.

Top of my list is the unique Sutrisno No Gojushiho kata. With it is the SutrisnoNo Nijushiho kata. Then Goju’s Seipai kata (which I consider a study in turns with Chinto kata), Aragaki No Sochin kata, Tomari No Rohai kata, Ueichi No Seisan kata and Ueichi No Sanchin kata complete my favorites.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on my self study re-learning Chinese Tam Tui and Yang Tai Chi Chaun and Sword.

Have to keep pushing so I don’t let the ongoing disability get me down.

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