Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Kobudo of Shimabuku Tatsuo – Sai of Kyan

As the article in a recent issue of Classical Fighting Arts claims Kyan Chotoku taucht sai techniques but did not transmit kata as a study. Apparently Isshinryu’s founder was inspired enough to develop his own sai kata, which he named for Kyan, the Kyan no sai. He taught this form through the 50’s but later discontinued its use. Here is his performance of the form.

Some servicemen in the late 50’s studied the form, Sherman Harrill being one, but many didn’t as it’s use was replaced within Shimabuku training.. When Shimabuku developed his Kusanku Sai kata, part of Kyan No Sai was incorporated leaving a double Kyan influence, first with Kusanku as the base form and then as the possible originator of his sai technique. Here is Shimabuku Sensei  emonstrating Kusanku Sai.


** Notice the Kusanku Sai kata does not include kicks. Reportedly, because us of the sai was to do the fighting. **

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