Sunday, October 12, 2014

Itoman's Triangle Flying ?

Time does seem to fly, it has been several decades when one day the brown belt, Young Lee, after class took a run up a wall and delivered a kick. Something he saw in a movie and wanted to learn. Of course he practiced it, and other students did too. Several months later attending a summer camp, during a break in the training he took off on the wet grass, ran up a nearby tree and kicked. Then another brown belt, Andrew Ware, did the same. After several successful kicks others at the camp, so inclined, started trying to do the same. Trying and falling, sliding on the wet grass, discovering it wasn’t  so easy.


No, this has not been a part of class, though I often have drills to slake the energy of teenage students (such as a version of Naifanchi incorporating jumping crescent kicks. But this was individual initiative.

Then reading Itoman Seijin (Morinobu’s) book Toudi-jutsu no Kenkyu I found that there was a similar kicking technique in Toudi.  Triangle Flying - This technique involves jumping or leaping to three points. That is, you use the footing from a wall, tree stump or the ground to deliver a kick, move to an advantageous position, or move to safe distance using three points. “


So we didn’t come up with something new, just re-invented the wheel so to speak. The texture that Itoman describes as Toudi is very rich in perhaps lost techniques such as this. Much more environmental focused than today’s dojo Karate, or so I conjecture.


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Anonymous said...

Essentially the "Showtime Kick", in which current UFC light weight champion Anthony Pettis famously used off the cage against Benson Henderson. Thanks for all the effort you put into this blog!