Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Articles by Joe Swift

One of my friends, Joe Swift, has authored an interesting set of articles at FightingArts.com. He resides in Tokyo, Japan and has his own dojo there.  He teaches Mushikan Karate.

They are worth reading. Joe by his translations and research has been a tireless contributor about Karate History.

Review - Five Years One Kata: Putting Kata Back Into The Heart Of Karate
By Joe Swift

The old stories of karate training in Okinawa often revolve around a student spending a number of years, usually three, learning his first kata. Of course, modern teachers very seldom take this approach for fear that it will drive potential students away, but nonetheless, the stories persist.

Shimabuku, Taro
By Joe Swift

Biography of Taro Shimabuku Okinawan karate and Kobudo expert.

Kyushojutsu: Historical Development
By Joe Swift

A brief history and overview of the development of this ancient Okinawan art of striking vital points.

Throws in Karate?
By Joe Swift

Karate has a lot more techniques than most people think, including a variety of throws and takedowns.

Channan: The
By Joe Swift

The series of five basic kata called Pinan (later renamed Heian in Japan) are probably the most widely practiced kata in karate today, but were they based on an earlier kata known as Channan?

Kyushojutsu: Basic Theory
By Joe Swift

The basic theory behind the ancient Okinawan art of striking vital points or Kyushojutsu.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 1: Classification & Knowledge Of Kata
By Joe Swift

Funakoshi's classification and selection of kata determined that his karate represented both sides of the Okinawan karate tradition.
Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Nafadi Tradition: Its Kata
By Joe Swift

While we don't know the original Nafadi curriculum we can make some educated guesses based upon some evidence and data, as well as the kata of this tradition.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 3: Seisan, Wanshu, Chinto, Jitte & Jion Kata
By Joe Swift

While their origin is obscure these kata are among the most important to the system.
Martial Arts: Goju-ryu Karate Kata A Brief Over-view of the Etymology of Modern Goju-ryu Karate-do Kata
By Joe Swift and Mario McKenna

Okinawa karate is indebted to the Southern schools of Chinese boxing for much of its technical knowledge and expertise and the animals were associated with a specific physical/mental characteristic and training principles.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 2: Pinan, Naihanchi, Kushanku & Passai Kata
By Joe Swift

The surprising meaning and origin of Shotokan's Pinan, Naihanchi, Kushanku & Passai Kata kata.

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