Monday, June 1, 2015

Very good drills notes from 4/4/87



This set of drlls is more difficult than they look,because when learning them both hemixpheres of the brain are involved, making it easy to get mixed up. However when acclimated to them, speed improves. They also have interesting applications.


1.     Left Foot  Forward  Left Low Block

          Right Punch

          Left Low Block


2.     Left Foot Forward Left Outside Block

Right Punch

Left Outside Block


3.     Left Foot Forward Left High Block

Right Punch

Left High Block


4.     Left Foot forward Left High Block

Left Inside Block

Right Low Block


5.     Left Foot Forward Right High Punch

Left Middle Punch

Right Low Punch


6.      # 5  and # 6 together


LFF L. High Block

L Inside Block

L Low Block

R High Punch

L Middle Punch

R Low Punch


7.     Left Foot  Forward Left Rising Empi

L Descending Empi

Shift to Left (Or Cat) Stance

Left Rear Empi


8.  Right Foot Forward Right Inside Shuto To Neck

     Right Outside Shoto To Neck

     Right Ridge Hand to Neck

     Right Hand Circles Back and then Spear Into Neck



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