Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Art of Becoming Invisible

I got an early start this morning, it was still dark when I went outside to work on my Tai Chi. The darkness inspired me so I then did what Kusanku is possible for me, Then I ended with Tomari Rohai. Far from correct performances, but I do what I can do.
The temperature had not cooled, they still expect it over 100 later today. But uncharacteristically the humidity has dropped quite low and that makes the air feel cooler.
Then I got ready and went out for my morning walk.
“I have become a desert creature.” I remember that line from one of Frank Herbert Dune books. And perhaps the same might be said of me,
For this morning I observed something move and then took a photo.
It does appear something Herbert might have described in Dune.
For it was a rabbit, almost invisible, in its background.
Which in a way ties into those tale about Kusanku kata,
from one point of view.

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