Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One Step at a Time


In my short years, I find myself continually learning new things about my Isshinryu.

Of course I received the basic movements, kata and kobudo, in my first few years.

But as time moved forward and I thought about what I had, and worked on my thoughts, there was much more to learn. A never ending amount of things.

Along my journey I also trained and worked with a wide variety of other instructors in varied arts. I also saw how those arts could make my understanding of my Isshinryu stronger still. Not just for what they had but I did not have, but how the underlying principles of those lessons, made my ability to develop similar underlying principles in my own Isshinryu more personally relevant.

Then I also began to learn from the students I had, many other lessons.

Even trying to share what I was seeing became another challenge. I found the students mind had to be developed for those other lessons as much as their body needed more development too. The mind moves the body, the body is the frame to allow the mind to move. Yin and Yang.

It was far from enough to just explain things for the student, many of those lessons required maturing over decades to reach into their minds. Which made sense, it also took me decades to learn them.

Isshinryu was a live development of Shimabuku Tatsuo.

I also wanted to learn from that, and worked to make my own understanding of ny Isshinryu live for me and my students.

The journey begins with one step, then foot follows foot as the stepping continues.

As long as I can step forward, my journey continues.



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