Saturday, March 12, 2011

Does anybody know what time it is?

Tonight’s switch to US Daylight Savings time brings the artificial nature of time.

Think back before there was time, before clocks when the rising, highest, lowering of the sun was the only standard to describe time for us. Each locality worked out their own standards as the community required.

Today we’re surrounded by time. Clocks,watches, timers ofallsorts. Computers linked to atomic clocks. Segmenting the now into units that don’t move.

But there is only NOW! The past, even 1 second, is gone. The future, even one second, unreachable.

It’s just like being a karate instructor. Yesterdays students gone. Tomorrows students just a potential. You can only teach those who are here today, and each today that flows into the NOW.

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