Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Agena in 1972

My instructor, Charles Murray, was a new Sho-Dan in Isshinryu when he was stationed on Okinawa in 1972 and was able to train at the Shimabuku Tatsuo Dojo in Agena. At that time most of the students were Okinawan and the Marines were being trained on base.

With his permission I'm sharing several photographs of the dojo for Isshinryu interest. Based on the colours I bet they were painted by the Marines.

This is a list of the Isshinryu Upper and Lower Body Combinations.

This is a list of the Isshinryu Kata


John D said...

I studied under Charles when we were stationed at Shaw AFB in the late 80's. Is there anyway that you could pass along my contact information? I would really like to get back in touch.

John Doherty

Victor Smith said...

Hi John,

Please send me your email address to my address and I'll be pleased to foreward it to Charles. Victor