Friday, July 20, 2012

Force Enhancement Supplemental Training

One of Karate secrets in the Force Enhancement in supplemental Training

Differing systems focus on different paths, all designed to enhance the student’s abilities. It is safe to assume this takes time and consistency. A crucial piece besides constancy in training is that there is appropriately directed training. The instructor should both introduce the study and monitor its progress.

Foremost in these options is the makiwara.Caable of being used for more that a punching tool. One imagines Shimabuku Tatsuo using it for his favorite strike the punch then enpi strike,

A different use of the makiwara comes from Uchchi ryu which uses the makiwara for its thumb strikes and different hand strikes at or at

Abother training tool is related by Charles Murray recountings his training with Shimabuku Shinso where he developed nukite striking againwt a wall mounted box covered with a tires inner tube.This wasfor conditionins hix fingehs for striking.

Hiroshi Kinjo, a student of Itosu Anko, demonstrating the traditional training devices found on Okinawa at

Here in the states a cut tire is also used for toe conditioning. Other Okinawan Ueichi Ryu toe conditioning as seen in this ideo

Essentially supplemental training enhances the adepts ability.

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