Saturday, November 9, 2013

Early Dan Training Memories 2

Part 2

Then there is Carl Long, who was teaching Shorin Ryu (Shimabuku Ezio lineage). We trained together often, shared Kata to understand each other’s system. Carl had a dynamic Rohai kata. Best remembered were drills like Naifanchi kata as a speed drill or race, trying to see who could go  fastest.  Yet trying to keep each technique distinct. Or practicing front kicks from seated Seiza position.

The time with Carl was so important that I eventually incorporated his kata Annaku (One of the versions of Kyan’s kata).

One of my students attended Ithica University. While there she also studied with Ed Savage in Goju Ryu. He ran his program with what seemed to me as Okinawan standards. When I went to visit he ignored the rest of the class and covered Goju Saifa and Seiunchin with me. On another visit he did the same with Shisochin kata and Sanseru kata, and then provided kata guides for all he had showed me.

This gave me great insight into Goju Ryu,  I am very glad he was so generous.

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