Saturday, November 9, 2013

Early Dan Training Memories 3

Part 3

Last in  1983 I received an invitation to the Bando Association annual summer camp. There were many diverse training opportunities there, Stick training with Dr. Gyi, Stick training in Escrima, Choking drills, Breaking drills, Bo Kata with Bohan Sensei, Bando style fighting training among other varied training. One instructor choose to share a Bando Stick form with me by having two of his students teach it to me for about 2 hours. When I left the camp, I drove home practicing it continually while driving. Years  of practice later I began teaching it to my students.Interesting I recently found this form on the Bob Maxwell Sensei YouTube site as a Kukri form. I presume the stick form was a derivative of this form, and an example of how the form has different dimensions depending on what is in your hands. One of the best two hours I ever spent.

There were visits to many other dojo, such as training with one of Hidy Ochai’s schools and many others alas I can no longer can name. Each of which helped me understand more of Karate’s range.

Except for Tai Chi and the study of Chinese forms with Rothrock Laoshi, my other main study with Sutrisno Sensei occupied much of my time. I was never tempted to leave Isshinryu , yet, learning with everyone was a great learning experience, Each was so generous with their time I only wish I had learned even more.

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