Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seisan’s Opening Movement Study in 1990

In one sense the amount of time I had with my instructors was quite brief. Then I was not around other Isshinryu to train with others. When I did train with extremely skilled individuals, while I did learn, that training only intensified my need to understand Isshinryu better. I eventually moved my study into a different paradigm, trying to understand better how to use each gesture of the system. Logic being my main tool.

Starting from the point every gesture of Isshinryu should be able to stop  any attack, I worked in the later 80’s toward understand how to do this. I did not consider this Bunaki. As I studied with Tristan Sutrisno he taught me ‘Bunkai’ before others were using he term and his ‘bunaki’ was extremely different from what others did. Actually more like Itosu’s other students explained.. In fact as ‘buakai a more modern version  was later used, I felt what was shown while somewhat reasonable, was too limiting for my understanding.

As I made my initial studies, one of them focused on the potential for Seisan Kata’s opening movement. I have described this elsewhere on this blog.
While this was a 2013 listing back in 1990 I made a video of my first explorations. 5 years later I met Sherman Harrill and I felt I was in graduate school from his 40 years of work.

You will note I was ably assisted by my son Victor Michael, then ! year old.

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