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Bubishi A Close Look Redoux Part 9

More Bubushi 48 Analysis

I've been thinking on Stanic Milos (joemilos@beotel.yu), of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and the analysis of the Forty-Eight Self Defense Diagrams (from P.McCarthy's translation of the Bubushi) to his Shorin Ryu kata. He sent this to the Cyber Dojo on Friday November 5th.

Receiving his permission, I decided to have some fun and try to match his suggested kata up with what I hope are Standard Reference Texts on Okinawan Kata.

Using Shoshin Nagamine's 'The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do', Pat McCarthy's 'Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate', George Mattson's 'Ueichiryu Karate Do', Morio Higaonna's 'Traditioinal Karatedo vol's 2 and 3', and Long and Wheeler's 'Dynamics of Isshinryu Karate', I'm going to try and pinpoint where these techniques are found in the actual kata.
Perhaps you'll ask, why is he not just using Isshinryu references as he's an Isshinryu practioner. Fair question. First I wish to honor Stanic's efforts, so I'm going to concentrate with Nagamine's text. (No, I don't know if his Shorin Ryu is the same as Nagamine's but it's the best Shorin Ryu text I posess, and I prefer to go with the best. Second, I've had occasion to participate in many different Okinawan martial traditions, and believe they all should be honnored.

The other traditions are being used when I can't see Stanic's example in Nagamine's text. That dosen't mean Stanic's wrong, but most likely using a variation I'm not aware of.

I do not think this exercise will show that the Bubushi influenced the development of these kata. It is my suspicion that's it's a greater exercise in the ability of the human mind to overlay and cross reference different material. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

This has not been an easy exercise. Many times the movement can only be inferred from the kata (for it might involve the movement from one technique to the other as well as the kata technique.

I hope you do find exception with my suggested cross references. But share your findings. Help develop a full cross reference, system by system of Bubushi links to your kata. Doing so, enables all of us to get to work and try and make it happen, instead of putting the book back on your shelf. And if we can make it happen, we might even go further and develop higher level of technique.

Stanic has used the Pat McCarthy translation of the Bubushi and the 48 Self Defense Techniques presented therein. I'm using the same text.

 No Kata
 Txt Page Tech. No.
 4. Patsai
 SN pg. 200 24-25
 14. Patsai
 SN pg. 204 53 or 54
 19. Patsai
 SN pg. 200 24 or 29

 SN pg. 201 28
 22. Patsai
SN pg. 201 33-34
 6. Pinan shodan
 I can't find it
 13. Pinan shodan
 SN pg. 119 13-14

 SN pg. 118 14
 43. Pinan shodan
 SN pg. 120 27
 33. Pinan nidan
I can't find it
 39. Pinan sandan
SN pg. 131 14
 46. Pinan godan
I can't find it
 20. Naihanchi
SN pg. 149 10-12
 31. Naihanchi
 SN pg. 151 21
 27. Seisan
 GM pg. 273 4

MH (vol. 3) pg. 61

LW pg. 70
 35. Seisan
GM pg. 275

PM pg. 76 10
 7. Chintou
SN pg. 227 49

LW pg. 84 30
 8. Kushanku
SN pg. 231 4
 9. Kushanku
SN pg. 240 53-54
 11. Kushanku
SN pg. 243 66
 15. Kushanku
SN pg. 243 66
 17. Kushanku
SN pg. 231
 23. Kushanku
I don't see it
 25. Kushanku
SN 243 66
 28. Kushanku
I don't see it
 28. Pinan GoDan
I don't see it
 34. Kushanku
SN 238 47-48
 36. Kushanku
SN 235 27
 37. Kushanku
I don't see it
 38. Kushanku
SN 231 4-5
 42. Kushanku
SN 231 7-8
 47. Kushanku
MP 124 5 or 16-17

Key to text suggestions -

SN - Shoshin Nagamine's 'The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do'
PM - Pat McCarthy's 'Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate'
GM - George Mattson's 'Ueichiryu Karate Do'
MH - Morio Higaonna's 'Traditioinal Karatedo vol's 2 and 3'
LW - Long and Wheeler's 'Dynamics of Isshinryu Karate'

By no means do I feel this is inclusive. But I'd rather try and draw out your own efforts and suggestions.

My only intent in this effort with the Bubushi is to stimulate discussion on the topic

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