Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Lesson in Stick Training

While browsing trough my hard copy files, I found this article on Escrima Stick fighting. It showed how sticks could be used to attack the same targets as the stick. Unfortunately this is all I saved.  I am not sure which magazine or the date.
What makes this interesting is we use a very similar chart for our short stick striking training.
We strike to these ‘points’ with the butt of the stick, with the blade of the stick, with the tip of the stick, and a mixture of techniques.
It is also a useful hand striking drill. You might use your fist, or your empty hand strikes. It shows how interchangeable the striking pattern can be.
This article shows similar uses for the kick. It reminds that that what is called a kick is many different kicks. Each type of kick, is actually a range  of individual kicks to different targets.
Of course this just a training option, but one you may find useful.

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