Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rememberance of Cindy Rothrock

Once upon a time I was younger. We were all younger.


After moving to Scranton I had changed to the training that was available, Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan for several years. But I wasl lucky my senior in Isshinryu Charles Murray moved to Scranton. And I immediately returned training in Isshinryu. When I was a brown belt he started me in Kobudo with Chantan Yara No Sai. A while later the Michak broters (Goshin Jutsu) held a tournament in Wilkes-barre, Pa. While Charles was busy with his Curch anoyher friend Jesse Knowles went with me.


There was not a brown belt kobudo division. Brown Belts had to compete in the black belt division. I was selected to compete with a well known regional competitor, following me, Cindy Rothrock. Well I made no mistakes in my form. To have a chance to win takes a lot more.There were plenty of skilled competitors, but with Cindy following me. It showed me what I had to do to win.


Later I would study Tai Chi and other Chinese studies with her first husband, Ernie Rothrock. At times I did compete against her, At times I judged her. At times I would even give her a ride home from tournaments.


When I had studied Tand Soo Do it was with Frank Trajowinz, the instructor she trained with. And of course I trained with Ernie.


This article was from that time, before she became a national competitor, or made movies.

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