Monday, March 7, 2016

Punching and Kicking

This painting reminds me of something that happened a long time ago.


I was brown belt training with Charles Murray; He had started a youth program at his church in Providence Corners outside of Scranton, Pa. I was assisting him.


 One day, we both were outside the church basement before class, when one of the boys arrived, He was quite disheveled, with a cut on his lip.


When he got there, he came up to Charles and explained his appearance.

“This boy came up to me after school and tried to get me to fight.”


“I explained that I was not to do that.”


“Then he kicked me, and I could have hit him, but I knew I should not fight, so I didn’t.”

“He grabbed me, struck me in the face, and threw me to the ground. I could have knee’d him, or fought back, but I didn’t do so, because I know it is wrong to fight.”


He was proud that he was not provoked to fight.


Then Charles and I explained to him, that not fighting was not the same thing as defending oneself. A distinction he had not understood.



There must be more to classes, than just studying punching and kicking.”


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