Thursday, March 31, 2016

The depth of my Chinese studies

When I speak of the Kung Fu studies I undertook with Ernest Rothrock, These were versions of the forms I studied. I was not as good as these performers. But I think this suggest the range of my study.
I also studied these forms in this order. Let it be said Ernest Rothrock was not making it easy for me.
Northern Shaolin

Northern Mantis
Northern Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw Tan Tuie
Eagle Claw Power Fist
I was not seeking Rank or a specific system of study, rather to gain a better understanding of the Chinese Arts to become a more knowledgeable judge.
This is not everything I studied, but it is a good cross section of those studies.I also studied a  few weapon.
I do not teach these studies. But Ernest once explained to me, their value is the knowledge gained.  Once upon a time.

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