Sunday, May 15, 2016

One technique from Sherman Harrill

In June of 1995 I attended my first clinic with Sherman Harrill. Over the next 10 years I assisted Garry Gerossie hosting some seminars, and I attended other seminars he had in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Remembering those times I went to the collected notes I made from those clinics after his death.
As an example I am selecting Chinto kata, I recorded he had shared 105 possible applications for that kata. There was a lot more to his karate than just what was shown.

Here is what I recorded for application 105 from those notes.
  Chinto – Close
1.    Attacker RFF Right Punch to the head
a.    LFF Left open hand parry to the attackers biceps (on the side), then left hand grab the back of the attackers head at the hair
b.    Right hammerist to the side of the head
 Attacker then throws a left punch
c.     Right cross block to punch
d.    Right front kick
The shorthand description is my own. Any mistakes are my own.
Here is a photo of Sherman Harrill from 1997 with my original instructor, Tom Lewis.

Today his teachings are still with us, via the ongoing sharings of John Kerker and his other students.

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