Thursday, May 12, 2016

Using my martial experiences to live with my disability.

There are many sides of life that are not pleasant. Becoming disabled over the past 5 years is one of them.


After multiple medical opinions, and uncounted tests, they have no idea what my condition is and offer no treatment. The term they use means just that, they are not sure what it is.


My symptoms, loss of much balance, overall weakness, including my facial muscles making speech very difficult to understand and my motor control making writing most difficult to accomplish.


So realistically I don’t drive.

I take regular walks but with a walker to remain safer from falling. About 1 – 3 miles 4 times a week, weather permitting.

I spend some time daily on my Yang Tai Chi practice, and varied kata practices too. Abet with modifications for my present condition.


This means much sitting. And there is the first problem.


Sitting much of the time affects my shoulders. They become tight and bunched.


I have a ways to counter that.


A long time ago Ernest Rothrock shared a drill done at the beginning and ending of all his instructor’s Eagle Claw classes.


I found they were similar to a variety of Chi Kung exercises shown by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming at a clinic I once attended. But they were more individual exercises, where this drill linked them together.


I am no beauty, but this is that drill.

I do this almost every time I get up. Combined with my other practices, Tai Chi, kata like Sanchin, Seisan, Nafianchi, Seiunchin and all the others, it does keep my shoulders less tight and looses.


Disability only means you have to change what you do, not stop.


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Vince Morris said...

Life is sometimes hard - we all have to bear burdens, but your spirit and martial arts background helps to carry you through, knowing that you act as an inspiration to all of us!