Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Surviving Multiple Attackers


A frequent topic is how to survive multiple attackers, along with which art(s) is better to equip you to survive.


Let’s be honest this is a good reason to choose to run. It is flight not fight. But flip answers aside what is a rational choice.


Can any art work against many attacks? I believe the rational answer is it depends. First lets categorize the attacks as unarmed vs armed.. Of course there are many combinations of those categories. On the whole I do not believe it is likely to take on multiple armed attackers. But the unarmed attacker offers potentials to consider.


Much depends on how you have been trained, what force multipliers you employ to make your technique most effective. Broadly separating karate technique into two categories, percussive and grappling the main thing to consider is that your technique selection places the opponents you down between you and the other attackers.


More specifically has your impact training (i.e. makiwara) been sufficient to down an opponent with each strike? Do you have sufficient power behind the grappling you chose to employ to down an opponent where you choose?


The technique employed is less important in those cases.

But for the grappling control of an attacker you might consider Chinto kata as one option.


I MO it is not so much the system as the training regime where you prepare your abilities.


If so pressed, move swiftly, move surely, plan to succeed. But in any case do so as a reasoned response to evade, escape or attack as needed.

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