Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One way Aikido can be found in kata Chinto.


Training in other systems of martial arts was something I did in the early 1980s, Then I practiced what I had learned for decades. In time I found similar potential already resided in Isshinryu. Seeing it was there just required a change of focus.


One study was that Isshinryu kata Chinto could be seen through Aikido eyes.


Using Morihio Saito’s book “Aikido – Volume 3 Applied Techniques


I have several examples of an Aikido technique the KoKyu-Ho might be found in the techniques from the kata Chinto.



Though Aikido does incorporate striking or Atemi, it is more known for the locks and projections it uses. The examples shown here, are ways the movement in Chinto kata, might be used as a projection to down an opponent.


There are many other techniques which can be explored.



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