Thursday, August 4, 2016

Motobu Choiki answers a question

 "When I was still in Okinawa, Kano Jigoro of the Kodokan (the founder of modern Judo)  visited and asked to talk with me, and through a friend we went to a certain restaurant. Mr. Kano talked about a lot of things, but about karate, he asked me what I would do if my punch missed.


I answered that I would immediately follow with an elbow strike from that motion.


After that, he became very quiet and asked nothing more about karate."

 -Motobu Choki, Watashi No Karate-jutsu, p 32, Translated by Patrick McCarthy
I was also told by Sherman Harrill, that a favorite technique of Shimabuku Tausuo was a strike that changed into an elbow strike, in the same movement.

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