Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another example of a multiple striking drill.

Kang Cecep 
Multiple Striking is found in many arts. The ability to develop a successive technique flowing from a preceding technique.
I first became aware of it from Tris Sutrisno and the drill he shared.
Later on I recognized in a drill shared by Toshiro Oshiro, where he was following strikes with a  backfiss. In its essence it is found in Okinawan karate.
Another variation is what I call layered striking, where strike follows strike on the same point, to use the successive strikes to break down the body ability to take a punch and allow later strikes to do their damage.
Consider the Isshinryu  basic drill with 5 strikes to the same point as an example.
I ran across this drill demonstrated by Kang Cecep.
The opening strike is another example of a layered strike, which is also a multiple strike.
The drill begins with a finger tip strike, then the fingers fold in and form a fore knuckle strike completing with a finishing straight punch.
All 3 tools striking the same point, where the fingers keep folding into the next strike, then the drill continues with other striking, one following another.


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