Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Basic Multiple Striking Drill

Bushi No Te Isshinryu

Basic Multiple Striking Drill

I learned this multiple striking drill during my studies with Tris Sutrisno, It was a black belt exercise to work on moving with fluidity from one technique to the next.


Part of making the most of this exercise, we often combine it with out kata Sho practice replacing each strike with a multiple strike drill, over and over.


I have since developed several other multiple striking drills, and was shown other ways multiple striking could be done. I have also found other drills in Silat which serve the same purpose.


This was filmed sideways originally, and Mike Cassidy, who is performing the drill, is showing the drilling speed. It is not slowed down for instruction. 

The sequence is:

1. Punch

2. Vertical Backfist to the head

3. Descending palm strike

4. Rising wrist strike to the jaw

5. Finger Tip strike to the eyes.


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