Thursday, March 2, 2017

One small potential of Okinawan Karate

There are things which are better experienced live than just viewed on video tape. For one thing you attention might waver and you miss the moment.


Long ago in 1980 one of the first things I saw Tristan Sutrisno doing with his Shotokan students was a drill called multiple striking.

Immediately I knew this was something new to me and I got it, and have worked it ever since, unto developing other variations on the principle.


His Shotokan was not JKA, but from his father’s studies in Japan in the 1930s, he also taught his Indonesian arts at the same time. But the principle of the multiple striking was that one strike could flow into a following strike which could then flow into another following strike and so forth. Thus an opponent could not be sure what was going to happen. This also went along with other studies in Chinese principles where blocks turned into strikes. In fact they went hand in hand and I have been working on them ever since.

Then when video tapes were relatively new I purchased on called

Uchinadi Karate.. 空手 地下...Ni Kawa Kai (Karate jutsu) by Oshiro  Sensei. To my surprise I saw he was demonstrating one of these techniques.

It was a punch turning into a vertical backfist. You can find it here at

This is the beginning of that drill performed by me. 

And here is Oshiro Sensei doing the same thing.



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